THE ART OF GIVING: Thanks for stopping by and getting involved in this great opportunity. In starting off the new year, Christine and I decided to put together a challenge blog that would not only provide you with inspiration and free goodies, but to also let you know about the many ways we can "PAY IT FORWARD" to others in our simple and GIGANTIC ways. We hope that in combining both inspiration and giving to others, we can all make this world a better place, one layout, card, and gesture at a time. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Operation...Let's Get that Mojo Back!  

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Okay this time around we are jumping on board with Nikki Sivils and we are going to help the tornado victims in Joplin, who lost their homes, all their earthly belongings, just everything...we are going to help them get their
"Mojo" back.  That's right...we need to give a little. We all know what it feels like to go scrappy shopping and just imagine what our next layout or card, or craft is going to look like. Imagine now having nothing.  Why don't we help them out a bit.  Every little bit counts.  So here is your part of the challenge...
Make a card for a new Joplin scrappy friend,

along with it send one or two scrappy items. Take a photo of what you are going to send and link it up in your post so that we can see your card and donation... here are more details via our friend NIKKI SIVILS

This challenge will run today June 18th through June 27th. * Please note that all items shold be sent Nikki Sivil's way by the 27th to ensure that she gets all goodies to our Joplin friends by the first week in July. We know that this is a very very short run, but we want to make sure that all the goodies get to Nikki in time to be sent out to her Joplin friends. So please act fast!  We will choose a random winner for this fun little prize and you never know...Nikki might even choose a random winner too!

Okay  go go go!  Let's do this thing!

Much Love,

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Spring Cleaning Anyone?  

Friday, June 3, 2011

SPRING CLEANING WINNER IS JOELLE>>PLEASE CONTACT US VIA OUR EMAIL. Congrats!  We will have another  challenge up tomorrow my friends!!!

Well readers, in the midst of all the tragic events that have occurred all across our world. I think it is time to reflect first on how grateful we all are for all the excess we have in our lives. How grateful we are to have a roof over our heads. How fortunate we are to have family around us that are there to help.
If you are one of these fortunate people take a moment just to reflect and be grateful.

Our challenge this month is twofold. The first part is an easy task. Make a layout and reflect about the things you are most grateful for and link it in your post.  Secondly do some spring cleaning, and fill some bags up and generously donate to the Salvation Army or another collection center that will help tragedy victims in need.  We realize that all of us are not able to donate monetarily,but there is nothing stopping you from filling up a bag full of  your gently used goods for someone else in need :0)  As a matter of fact, if you include a pic of your donation goods as well as your layout, you will receive an extra entry in our random drawing!  Sound good!?

Illyse's Layout

Christine's Layout

Bree's Layout

This challenge will run from today, Friday June 3rd - Friday June 17th, and a winner will be announced the Saturday the 18th. Here is the prize waiting just for you!

Okay go at it scrappy friends!!

Much Love,

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Woof there it is! Winner!!  

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Well we appreciate seeing all your sweet little poochies!  You all did such a wonderful job with your layouts and linking them up to us too!  Thank you so much for playing along. We are so happy to have had such a great response :0)

A winner was selected at random just moments ago!! Sorry it is a bit late in the evening, but it was a busy day!! So let's not waste another moment!
The lucky winner this time around is Nicole with her fun layout below!

Congrats Nicole!!!  Please contact us via our email and we will send you your goodies asap!  And to our readers don't fret!  We have another great challenge coming up tomorrow!!! So stay tuned!

Much love,

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Woof there it is...  

Monday, May 16, 2011

A bunch of us love our cuddly canines right?  Or our Other furry little friends I bet! There are many organizations out there to dedicated to helping out our lap dogs, cuddly cats, and so on. One is that I can think of is called "The Animal Rescue Site".  This is taken directly from their site: "The Animal Rescue Site provides simple, effective, feel-good ways to address an urgent, specific need: providing food and vital care for some of the eight million unwanted animals given to shelters every year in the U.S., as well as animals in desperate need around the world". What I really like about their site is that with one click of your mouse you can help feed an animal in need for free and no obligation.  The sponsors of their website will do the rest and you can visit the site daily.  So think about bookmarking their page!
Bree, Illyse and I all are dog lovers and all of our dogs are rescue dogs.  That is they have not come from pet stores but from pet rescue organizations. We are all animal lovers. So we thought that the next challenge should be something that was personal to all of us.  But before I go into our next challenge, Bree even has something a bit more to share:

Recently while watching a TV special I heard about Tara the Elephant and Bella the Labrador mix who had became best friends at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee ( At about the same time I had started making cards for friends who had lost a pet - and they were always asking where I got them from. The idea suddenly came about - how could I help both people who lost pets and the elephants? That is how "Wipe Your Paws" then came into being. I make and sell a variety of cards and pet related gifts and ALL the money made is donated to the Elephant Sanctuary and the Humane Society - where our little dog Jackson came from. Both these groups are doing amazing work and no matter how small the donation - every little bit helps.
Wipe Your Paws -

Elephant Sanctuary -

Humane Society -
Okay so now on to the challenge is it quite an easy one, just show us your layout with your cat or dog and tell us something special about him/her.  Make sure to please link the layout in your post! This challenge will begin today, May, 16th and end Wednesday, June 1st. A winner will be announced on Thursday, June 2nd.    Now let us share our cuddly little loves with you!

Bree's Layout about.... Jackson

Illyse's Layout about.... Naomi

Christine's layout about.... Leila
 And lastly, here is the fun prize for one lucky and random winner!

  So hurry and get those layouts in!!! Link us up, share your layouts with us, post them on your blog and share with us in your post what makes them so special!  We can't wait to see your cuties!!!


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Mother's day Challnege winner announced!  

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hello all, if you were waiting! Here I am with a winner being announced now!!!

Thank you all for your participation in our challenge we will have a new challenge up on Monday!

Our winner of this challenge is Erin R!  Here is a link beautiful card that she made! Erin please contact us via our email with your mailing info.

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Mother's Day Challenge  

Friday, April 29, 2011

*If you are looking to find out who won our last post scroll down to the very bottom!!!

Author: Rebecca Curran
M is for the Moments she wiped away my tears
O is the Opportunity she gave me through the years
T is for her Thoughtfulness in everything she does
H reminds me of her Heart that's always filled with love
E is for Encouragement that is given out for free
R is for Reliable-she's always there for me
Whether you are a mother or you have the most wonderful mother that deserves some recognition we thought that it would be nice to recognize Mother's day!  So if you are a mommy to some wonderful kiddos, a mom to some cute fur babies, or just really love your own mom let us know about it!
We have have a great prize up from American Crafts just for you! This challenge will run from today Friday April 29th through Friday May 13th. A winner will be chosen by random and announced on Saturday May 14th.  Remember to link up your layouts in your post :0)
Here are our DT's Layout samples for this challenge
Illyse's layout:

Bree's Layout

Christine's Layout

And lastly if you are looking to see who the lucky winner is of our last post it is........

Congrats Katie, please contact us via email and send us your info. We will be happy to send you your goodies!

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Welcome our new Guest Designer Bree!  

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We thought it would be nice to introduce you to a our new guest designer, Bree.  She is not only a lovely person full of goodness,but a gifted artist and crafter as well. Read on and get to know and love her like we do!
Hi, I am Bree; an Aussie who married her wonderful American husband and

have been living in the USA for the last 8 years now. My professional
background is that of a social worker but I have also been an artist of
one kind or another most of my life - starting with doing pet portraits
in pencil, painting in water colors and acrylics to now doing my own
style of 'dot' painting. I also love crafts from sewing and jewelry
making to altered art, card making, soap making, molding, art journals
and scrap booking. Basically if it seems like fun - I will try it!

The past couple of years my work has certainly developed a
vintage/floral theme to it. I like to create pages that can be used as
art and started making a range of vintage pages that I sell. Once placed
in a shadow box they take on a wonderful 3 dimensional look and have
become very popular with restaurants, cafes etc.

I have also had Rheumatoid arthritis and Lupus since I was in my 20's
and this has taught me so much about patience and doing things when my
body will allow it. But it has also taught me to not be limited - and
when I could no longer hold a pencil to draw - I changed to painting
with large handled brushes. We are never given a gift without also being
able to find some way to use it and this is certainly true for creativity.

I am honored to be a guest designer on Scrap It Forward - a wonderful
concept for a blog.

Some of Bree's work:

**okay it's Christine again!  For all those readers who have finished reading this post, please leave Bree a huge, loving and warm welcome.  And... one poster will be selected to win this prize below.  The winner,as always, will be selected at random ! 

A new challenge will be posted on Friday!  Thanks for being here readers..We love ya!!!

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