THE ART OF GIVING: Thanks for stopping by and getting involved in this great opportunity. In starting off the new year, Christine and I decided to put together a challenge blog that would not only provide you with inspiration and free goodies, but to also let you know about the many ways we can "PAY IT FORWARD" to others in our simple and GIGANTIC ways. We hope that in combining both inspiration and giving to others, we can all make this world a better place, one layout, card, and gesture at a time. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Something's Valentine's Day  

Friday, February 13, 2009

Well, we cannot even begin to thank you all for the wonderful out pour of well wishes, support, sponsorship and friendship that you have all extended to us. It has been overwhelming and very touching. Thanks for making our first run such a success !

Now for the sweet part..what you have been waiting for ! It is time to announce our first winners ! Drum roll please:

Prize #1 goes to Bree Reilly for her lovely layout: Innocence
Prize #2 Goes to Cheryl Kosakura for her beautiful card:

Prize # 3 goes to Dawn T. for linking us sweetie ! Thanks !

And once again...thank you Making Memories for sponsoring us. We all love you !

And last our random prize winner is Lisa Mariemlt...thanks for being so generous and giving back to your community..every little bit helps! Enjoy your MSE stamps!

Ladies please kindly give me your mailing can send it to us using the email link . Your prizes will be sent out you this week!

Now the rest of you don't go away yet! It is Valentine's day and we didn't forget about you. The first 3 people to post here will win a Valentine themed goody pack like this one! Lucky you :)

The fun isn't over yet, come back tomorrow and see our new challenge. Oh the prizes...they are good. I will leave you with this, the manufacturer who is sponsoring us has a 2 word name..both beginning with the same letter. Can you guess who ?...oh boy is it YUMMY! See you in a day or two !

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