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Counting my blessings...  

Thursday, January 28, 2010

With the recent quakes and heart-breaking devastation in Haiti. I stop and think to myself...What a rich and beautiful life that I have. I am not referring to monetary wealth. I am referring to the wealth of security, family, friends,resources, support, happiness, and just the basic necessities that I/we possess. I can truly say that I have not been in any kind of situation that would compare to the desperation of the the people of Haiti must feel. When I reflect upon all of this, I realize that I am "rich" and blessed with opportunity that these people may never possess.

To rebuild, refurbish and provide these people with just solely the basics will demand a lot of dedication, resources and funds. I know that my contribution can help and may make only a small dent,but it will make a difference and so can your donation. There are so many agencies out there willing to give of their time and aide. If you are interested in donating to the cause here are a few resources that I found online via USA TODAY:

Disaster relief and non-governmental organizations:

Action Against Hunger has mobilized an emergency response and has teams already on the ground, assessing and responding to needs;

You can make a donation through the American Red Cross' International Response Fund, and it will be allocated specifically for Haiti relief efforts;

CARE, a leading humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, also needs donations for its on-ground work in Haiti;

The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund brings together President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush (at the request of President Barack Obama) to raise funds for high-impact relief for the long-term. Doctors Without Borders needs donations to provide crucial medical treatment and supplies;

Habitat for Humanity
has been working in Haiti for 26 years and will be sending a team to assess the impact on affordable housing after the earthquake. The Lions Clubs International Foundation is working through local Lions clubs members in Haiti. To make an online donation, go here and select Disaster, including "LCIF Haiti Earthquake Relief" in the comments section;

Mercy Corps has a way for you to donate your money straight to its efforts in Haiti.

The Pan American Development Foundation is the disaster relief arm of the Organization of American States. It has been in Haiti for over 30 years, and currently has over 150 people on the ground there.

Project HOPE, which provide medical supplies and health care services to those in need, is seeking donations for its aid efforts in Haiti.

Save the Children says that at least 2 million children or more have been affected by the earthquake. Donate online or by phone at 1-800-728-3843 to support their efforts to help Haitian children and families.

UNICEF is working hard to help Haiti's children. To donate to its ongoing emergency relief efforts, visit the website or call 1-800-4UNICEF;
Staff from the United Nations Foundation is currently on the ground, and its United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) is accepting donations toward these relief and recovery efforts.

You may want to consider donating with TEXT format. Here are a few options. This is a quick way to get your $ working.

Text HAITI to 25383 to donate $5 to International Rescue Committee
Text CARE to 25383 to donate $10 to CARE
Text QUAKE to 20222 to donate $10 to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund
Text OXFAM to 25383 to donate $10 to Oxfam International
Text AJWS to 25383 to donate $10 to American Jewish World Service
Text HABITAT to 25383 to donate $10 to Habitat for Humanity
Text BABY to 20222 to donate $5 to March of Dimes
Text GIVEto 25383 to donate $10 to Partners in Health
Text HAITI to 90999 to donate $10 to the American Red Cross
Text HAITI to 864833 to donate $5 to The United Way
Text SAVE to 20222 to donate $10 to Save the Children

I have provided many avenues in which to choose to donate. You may have already donated and bless you for that. Perhaps you can pass this info on to another person. I let my sons each choose a charity to make a donation to help the victims in Haiti. I thought that it was a good idea to let them be a part of it, to teach them that they can help make change by getting involved and to shine a light on the fact that they are very fortunate to live such a blessed life.

The challenge
for the next few weeks will be to do two things:
One to create a layout using one of these prompts:
Blessed with _________________ or Rich with ___________________. The other part of the challenge is to let us know where you donated or suggest another place to donate that has not been mentioned in this post. Please link your layout in your post,so that all can admire your work and get inspired.

Your layout can be light hearted or very meaningful. It is up to you..whatever you are inspired by ;0)
Here is my sample:

All participants that complete both challenges will be entered into a drawing to win one of these prizes.
Two winners will be randomly selected. This challenge will run from Friday Jan. 29 through Friday Feb. 12th. Winners will be announced on Sat. Feb 13th. Good luck to you, and thanks for helping make a difference. Please pass this info on and let's Scrap(pay)it forward!

((Big Hugs))

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