THE ART OF GIVING: Thanks for stopping by and getting involved in this great opportunity. In starting off the new year, Christine and I decided to put together a challenge blog that would not only provide you with inspiration and free goodies, but to also let you know about the many ways we can "PAY IT FORWARD" to others in our simple and GIGANTIC ways. We hope that in combining both inspiration and giving to others, we can all make this world a better place, one layout, card, and gesture at a time. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Scrap it Forward's First Blog Hop!  

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hello all! The past three months have been wonderful!!! We have had a lot of new faces here! A lot of new readers, a lot of new friends, a lot of new challenges and a new design team to boot! It has been fantastic!!! The inspiration has been wonderful, the teamwork has been fantastic and I couldn’t be happier. I am so very pleased with it all.

To celebrate what a huge success that it all has been, the Scrap it Forward team has decided to host its very first BLOG HOP! WooHoo! And…It all starts today, Wednesday, June 23rd! This Blog Hop will last for one week…so you have until the 30th to visit each and every one of our blogs! I know you can do it!

So let me tell you how it is all going to work, it is rather simple you see…. This is our current guest DT’s send off. Sadly their terms are ending and we want to send them off in a special way. So go visit their blogs…give them a little love…and in return each member will have a little RAK for one random reader.

You must first visit Illyse’s blog…you can follow this link…. She will then tell you where to go next and the following DT member will share with you which blog to go to next etc. etc. If you happen to visit each blog, then come back here and let us know. ONE lucky winner will be entered into a drawing to receive this RAK below, but remember… you must go to each DT member’s personal blog and leave a post. 

All winners will be announced on July 1st! So good luck and pass the word on!

We love you Julie, Vicki And Cher you have really made an wonderful addition to our little ol' blog over here at SIF.  Thank you for your creativity, insight, teamwork, lightheartedness, fun, inspiration and friendship. You girls ROCK...and if you know know that I don't just throw that term around.  Love ya girls....AND THANK YOU!

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