THE ART OF GIVING: Thanks for stopping by and getting involved in this great opportunity. In starting off the new year, Christine and I decided to put together a challenge blog that would not only provide you with inspiration and free goodies, but to also let you know about the many ways we can "PAY IT FORWARD" to others in our simple and GIGANTIC ways. We hope that in combining both inspiration and giving to others, we can all make this world a better place, one layout, card, and gesture at a time. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Who Loves you?  

Friday, February 11, 2011

*Please check previous blog post below for  our last challenge's winner!

Most often during Valentine's Day we give our Sweeties, our family members and sometimes even our dear friends a valentine just to show them how much we really care. That is what Valentine's Day is all about right?  Well let's make a paradigm shift here.  Let's pay it forward for a moment shall we?  Is there someone in your life that does something special everyday for you that you never acknowledge?  Maybe it is the girl behind the Starbucks counter that always hands you your coffee with a smile morning after morning. Or your paper delivery boy who doesn't throw your paper in the wet grass just before the sprinklers go on. Your neighbor who collected your mail while you were away?  You get the picture right?

So here is your mission if you wish to accept it.  It is a simple task, make a Valentine's Day card for your new unexpecting Valentine just to let them know that they are appreciated.  Isn't that a simple challenge?  Inside the card, write the person a short little note telling he/she why you appreciate him/her.  That is it!  Here are a few examples of cards that we made :0)

Here is my card.  I made this for my neighbor that is a teenager.  NOt only does she babysit my kids and play with them,but she took care of my dog while we were on vacation. Just as a favor.  Sweet kid. She is getting a little treat inside this card ;0)

 Here is Illyse's Card: She made this for her Daughter's preschool teacher.  It is important to note that her daughter has been out of preschool for 2 years now, however she still appreciates what an impact she made during her daughter's preschool years. Illyse wanted her to know how much she still appreciates her.

Just think how this simple gesture will make such a great difference in someone's day! Please take the time to do this for someone who makes a difference in your day!

Now on to the prize!  You will like this!  We have two fantastic sponsors this round!  First off, we have the very dedicated company,  The Robins Nest.  They are a wonderful scrapbooking company who have supported our blog as well as our crop to benefit Autism speaks for the past two years. WE LOVE THEM!  They have given us this beautiful Valentine's day 12x12 paper kit and Dew drops. Thank you so much!!! And our other sponsor is our one and only DT member ILLYSE!  She provided us with the fun thank you my dear.  So we have one fabulous kit to give away! LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!
So now the details. This challenge begins on February 11 and ends on Februrary 18th. Winner will be chosen at random and announced on the 19th. Please link your cards in the comment along with an explanation to who you're giving the card to and why.  Thanks and happy card making!

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